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Limited edition blue discs from Magna Ball
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Originally recorded at White Crow Studios in Burlington, Vermont, Rift was first released by Elektra Records in September 1993 and later was certified gold. Beginning with 1993's Rift, the band's popularity began to translate into chart success.

JazzMusicArchives.com says Rift is the creative peak of the band's specific progressive style. "Not to say that this is any better than the album prior to this, A Picture of Nectar, which happens to be my favorite album by the band, but this is definitely more along the lines of what the usual prog-lover would enjoy. This album is more akin to something like an early '80s/late '70s band as opposed to a '90s jazz rock band. Taking that into account, let's dive into the review. The title track starts well enough, with a very cliche-style Phish sound of racing cowbell and lighthearted a Capella. I started to quickly notice that it had a much more dark and feel, almost like Rift was trying to contain a story within it. It was such a surprise, it hooked me to the rest of the album. 'Maze' is the song every talks about, with it's 'Llama' style quick pounding rhythm with melodic quiverings in the background. 'My Friend, My Friend' and 'Weigh' are two songs that are great jazzy blues numbers, and are A+ style songs for the Phish peruser.

"'All Things Reconsidered' is a spin on the National Public Radio's iconic theme-song for their show titled 'All Things Considered.' It's an actually quite strange mix if you think about it, but nothing really surprising seeing as we're talking about Phish. 'Mound' has probably the best a Capella the members have performed in all of their time. It speaks the story of a 'broken old man in a world unkind,' and is really actually quite heart-touching. Quite fantastic if I do say so myself. That's all for true highlights that got me really hard, but trust me, the entire album is fantastic."

"If you're looking for a highlight of the '90s, look towards the first four albums of Phish's studio discography. This album has joined the ranks of the majestic three respectively. Go give it a listen." 



The JEMP Records Store will return to Magnaball and will feature a vast array of vinyl releases from the band's catalog from years past including repressings of The White Tape, Junta, Lawn Boy and A Picture of Nectar and side project pressings. Original pressings of Phish's first live box set, New Year's Eve 1995, will also be available. The store will be equipped with vinyl listening stations and copies to pick up, open, read, feel and smell (they mostly smell waxy).

In addition (and the part we're most excited for), the JEMP Records Store will also feature an exclusive, brand new Phish vinyl release. Yep, that's right. Phish's 1993 album Rift will be available for the first time on vinyl at Magnaball. The festival version will be pressed on 180-gram water-blue vinyl and is packaged with a Limited Edition screen print (a Rift continuation) by David Welker.

The remainder of the limited run of "Rift" will be made available at Phish Dry Goods and in Stores (this won't be on blue vinyl, however) in the middle of September.


  1. Rift
  2. Fast Enough For You
  3. Lengthwise
  4. Maze
  5. Sparkle
  6. Horn
  7. The Wedge
  8. My Friend, My Friend
  9. Weigh
  10. All Things Reconsidered
  11. Mound
  12. It’s Ice
  13. Lengthwise
  14. The Horse
  15. Silent In The Morning

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2x Vinyles 12" (33 tours)

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Complet ? Rift
Complet ? Rift
Complet ? Rift
Complet ? Rift
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