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Big Boat
Phish 2016
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Ajouté le 11/9/2016
Genre : Jam
Edition : Limited Pressing 2-LP Colored Vinyl
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Second box

Big Boat Limited Pressing 2-LP Colored Vinyl

Phish’s 13th studio album, featuring 13 new tracks. Produced by Bob Ezrin.

Everyone who orders Big Boat from Phish Dry Goods (both LP and CD) will receive an over-sized print of the album cover art, that unfolds to 36”x36” 

Pre-order Includes:
- Big Boat 2-LP Limited Pressing on clear/cloudy colored vinyl
- Big Boat Slipmat
- Instant MP3 download of "Breath And Burning"
- Release day MP3 download of full album
- Oversized 36"x36" album cover print

  1. Friends – 3:43 (Fishman)
  2. Breath And Burning – 4:20 (Anastasio)
  3. Home – 6:27 (McConnell)
  4. Blaze On – 4:20 (Anastasio/Marshall)
  5. Tide Turns – 4:21 (Anastasio)
  6. Things People Do – 1:55 (McConnell)
  7. Waking Up Dead – 4:15 (Gordon/Murawski)
  8. Running Out Of Time – 3:32 (Anastasio/Marshall)
  9. No Men In No Man’s Land – 5:00 (Anastasio/Marshall)
  10. Miss You – 7:02 (Anastasio)
  11. I Always Wanted It This Way – 4:29 (McConnell)
  12. More – 4:22 (Anastasio)
  13. Petrichor – 13:33 (Anastasio)

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2x Vinyles 12" (33 Tours)

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