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Designed by Ben Whitesell

• Paper Size - 13”x 19” -- Artwork Size - 12.5" x 18.5"
• Epson Enhanced Matte Paper { good weight, smooth surface, sharp detail }
• Printed with Epson archival inks
• Limited Edition of 30 signed and numbered by the artist

(unofficial fan artwork)



I will be giving away a free Atlantic City poster to the first person to give me a roughly correct translation of the title text and small side scroll text. You have to have both translations to win.

Here's my attempt for the translation :

"The attack of Atlantic City. Robotman in the sky"
"Four men stand against (vs) terrorists keep contact"

What I translated was 

"The Attack of the Scary Vacuum Robot Man" as the title
"Four Men Stand Against the Terror to Save Us" as the side scroll text.



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