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Genre : Jam
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)


Ya Mar 7:56
AC/DC Bag 7:08
Sparkle 3:50
Stash 10:35
Cars Trucks Buses 5:11
You Enjoy Myself 16:49
Wolfman's Brother 3:52
Scent of a Mule 11:17
2001 5:02
Harry Hood 12:34
Sample in a Jar 4:54
A Day in the Life 4:24
David Bowie 14:59

Hello My Baby 2:06
Cavern 5:12

Brother 5:34
Bouncing Around the Room 3:40
My Sweet One 2:18
Reba 11:08
Tube 3:18
Horn 3:41
David Bowie 14:03
Take The A-Train 4:12
Love You 7:50
Possum 9:14

All artists and vendors involved in the project donated their time to the cause and ALL proceeds from New Orleans Relief downloads, t-shirt and poster sales will be donated directly to Tipitina's Foundation and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation.

When Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast a few weeks ago, donating the proceeds from Phish's Jazzfest performance in 1996 seemed the perfect way for the band and their fans to help bring the city's mojo full circle. In true New Orleans fashion, the beauty and joy of music can uplift spirits and help support the city's incredible network of artists and musicians.

Phish played the Ray Ban Stage just before The Funky Meters

Cars Trucks Buses with Michael Ray on trumpet

filler is from 11/7/91 II Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA

David Bowie through Possum with Colonel Bruce Hampton and some/all of the Aquarium Rescue Unit (Apt. Q-258, Oteil Burbridge, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jimmy Herring and Matt Mundy)

Love You contains elements of Hold Your Head Up

Possum contains Phish language; Simpson's, Random Note and others

Trey plays Rocky Top because it's ARU's favorite song

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Phish : 1996-04-26 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
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