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Genre : Soundtrack
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Pre-order the collector double vinyl with a selection of 38 tracks.

Orange and green vinyls in a white folder with original art from Seasons after Fall. For the tracks included in the vinyl edition - see the image of the back cover of the vinyl. 

expédition prévue vers le 16 novembre 2017
édition de 300 exemplaires 


Original Soundtrack from Seasons After Fall the atmospheric platformer by Swing Swing Submarine. 

Game available on steam: store.steampowered.com/app/366320
paru le 2 septembre 2016 

Johan Veron (violin) 
Laurent Pellegrino (violin) 
Eva Sinclair (viola) 
Jean-Philippe Morel (viola) 
Noé Natorp (cello) 
Clara Germont (cello) 

Studio Engineers: 
Henri-Pierre Pellegrin 
Adrien Maljournal 
Arnaud Bascunana 
Fabien Girard 

Recorded in may 2014 and june 2015 at: 
Music Recorder G4F Ivry 
Music Recorder Studio 180 

Music composed by Yann van der Cruyssen 

Produced by G4F Records 

Cover art: Géraud Soulié 

Liste des médias :
2x Vinyles 12" (33 Tours)

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