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Medeski Martin & Wood culminate their 2-year Radiolarians Series with a comprehensive box set of material entitled Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set, which Indirecto Records will release on November 24, 2009. The box set will include: Radiolarians I, II and III complete with bonus tracks, a 10 track disc of remixed music, a previously unreleased 70-minute live album, a double vinyl LP set consisting of highlights from the three Radiolarians albums, plus a DVD feature film entitled Fly In A Bottle directed by Billy Martin. All of the material contained in the box was written and performed by MMW specifically for The Radiolarians Series.

The Radiolarians Series, named after a type of single-celled organism with a dazzlingly intricate exoskeleton, was designed to subvert the age-old music industry cycle of write>record>tour.
The trio, consisting of keyboardist John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood, convened for brief writing retreats, performed only that new material on tour and recorded the material immediately after getting off the road. The band repeated this processes three times while touring in different regions of the US and South America. MMW and Indirecto Records released this music on three records, which came out over the course of the past year.

Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set compiles the three records of The Radiolarians Series in the same package for the first time, and gives the listener the addition of three previously unreleased bonus tracks. Radiolarians I, II and III were met with widespread praise upon their release, as the trio pushed their music in new directions. Be it the more experimental sounds of Chasen vs Suribachi, the pop-rock swagger of Undone, the funk-lilt of Free Go Lily or the classical meditation of Kota, MMW challenged themselves with ever-changing forms of playing and writing. What resulted was some of the best and most advanced music of MMW s prolific history. As mentioned, included with the three Radiolarians records are three bonus tracks: Incantation, Satan Part II and Clifton which the band recorded live during the original Radiolarians sessions.

Medeski Martin & Wood have hand selected tracks from the three Radiolarians albums to include on a special edition, high quality audio, double vinyl LP pressing. The first record in the 10 track collection of highlights, will center around MMW's more riff-focused compositions such as Amber Gris and Undone, while the second record will feature funkier tracks such as Walk Back and more ambient mood pieces such as Hidden Moon. The band wanted to give their fans a chance to experience the music in a superior audio format, while offering the visceral physical connection that can only come through vinyl.

Disc I:
i. Amber Gris
ii. Amish Pintxos
iii. Undone
iv. Reliquary
v. Junkyard
Disc II:
i. Chasen vs Suribachi
ii. Walk Back
iii. Free Go Lily
iv. Hidden Moon
v. Padrecito

Remixolarians is a 10 track remix CD featuring contributions from 9 different DJs and producers.

As an amazing finale to the entire box set, Billy Martin directed the first feature film in Medeski Martin & Wood's history entitled Fly in a Bottle. Tirelessly working through footage of MMW in the studio and on the road, the film provides an extremely intimate portrait of the band. It highlights the trio s intricate relationships with each other and with the music they have worked to create over their past 19 years as a band. In conjunction with Fly in a Bottle, the DVD will also include the music video for Amber Gris , the esoteric Incant to Chantes Des Femmes directed by Grey Gersten, and an experiment with time-lapse film entitled CW.

Liste des médias :
2x Vinyles 12" (33 tours)
5x CD Audio
1x DVD Vidéo

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