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Originally released on Three Gut Records 2003.

This album has been re-released on 180g vinyl (two bonus tracks) by 3 Syllable Records along with a CD that includes 12 extra bonus tracks (not included here). For either of these releases please head over to www.3syllablesrecords.com
released 18 November 2003
String arrangements by Owen Pallett. Recorded and mixed by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles. Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel.


Try to imagine the perfect album.  A lush gorgeous record that is small and still.  Full of unassuming first-person monologues.  Acoustic without being folksy, poppy without being pandering, and quirky without being annoying.  JIM GUTHRIE has created a masterful soundtrack of peace and tranquility, a crowning achievement of an earthly troubadour.

JIM GUTHRIE has left an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene, from his early days as a home-rock DJ in Guelph, to his searing lead guitar in ROYAL CITY, ISLANDS, and HUMAN HIGHWAY. But his solo career is outstanding; every musician I know is indebted to him, especially me..  
Working on Now More Than Ever with Jim, the band, and Andy Magoffin, none of us really understood the scope of it until it was released to great acclaim in Canada and beyond.  Jim's songs are as cryptic as a crossword and as personal as a foot massage.  This record changed our lives, may it now change yours.

01. Problem With Solutions
02. All Gone
03. So Small
04. Save It
05. Broken Chair
06. Lovers Do
07. Time Is A Force
08. Now, More Than Ever
09. The Evangelist
10. You Are Far (Do You Exist?)
11. Hug Me ‘til I’m Blue
12. Time Is A Force (Demo)
13. All Gone (String Only Mix)
14. Lot To Learn
15. Save It (8 Track Demo)
16. Something Don’t Feel Right
17. Lovers Do (String Outro)
18. So Small (4 Track Demo)
19. All Gone (Slap Chop Mix)
20. Wuthering Heights
21. Love Hurts
22. Ain’t Got No / I Got Life

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1x CD Audio

Autres versions :
Now, More Than Ever 301 Jim Guthrie NEUF 011-8/-8/ Musiques Vinyle 12'' (LP) CAN
CAN N Musiques
Now, More Than Ever (Remastered Edition) 301 Jim Guthrie DOWNLOAD 014-7/-1/ Musiques Musique Téléchargée CAN
CAN D Musiques

Jim Guthrie : Now, More Than Ever (Expanded Edition)
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