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Ajouté le 3/12/2012
Limited Edition of 300
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Inner hold
Second box

10 songs on the vinyl! Artwork by Craig D Adams (aka superbrothers). Press on super awesome translucent purple vinyl!! Also includes stickers as seen in pictures below. Shipping begins first week of March. Also get a download code for an exclusive 6 song EP including 2 unreleased track!

shipping on or around 07 March 2012
edition of 300

Recorded on a Sony Playstation using MTV Music Generator 

THANK YOU Craig D. Adams for loving this music as much as I do.
released 21 December 2011 

All songs written and recorded by Jim Guthrie (@jampants). 

Album Art by Craig D. Adams (@the1console) superbrothers.ca

Face image on board game used with permission from Steve Courtney (Thanks Steve!) @steve_courtney www.stevecourtney.com

Liste des médias :
1x Vinyle 12" (33 tours)

Contents :
Complet ? FREE-P

Other versions :
Complet ? Children Of The Clone
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Jim Guthrie : Children Of The Clone
3x entre le 12/28/2011 et le 4/19/2012
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