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Single LP
Album Art by Filip Hodas
Music by Austin Wintory

Pre-Orders Open 10/6 @ 11am PDT
Shipping Estimate: Q1 2017

The freshman effort from thatgamecompany, flOw represented a tidal shift of what games could (and should) be when it was released on PS3 in 2007. Completely storyless, the tale of flOw is that of evolution, seen through the beautiful and transformative life-cycle of aquatic microorganisms.

Accented by composer Austin Wintory’s first full game soundtrack, flOw is a subtle tour de force - the beginnings of an emotional (and intimate) relationship between game and music that led to “Game of the Year” Journey years later. Playing to that subtlety, artist Filip Hodas has created a strikingly simple design, accented wonderfully by a ornate cover embossment.

Liste des médias :
1x Vinyle 12" (33 Tours)

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