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Ajouté le 7/27/2012
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On July 31, Phish will release Chicago '94, a brand new 6-CD box set, showcasing two complete shows recorded live on June 18, 1994 and November 25, 1994 at UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL.

By 1994, Phish was well established as an international touring act and already well known to a growing group of hardcore fans. Amidst a tour packed with highlights - it was this summer that convinced the band to start multi-tracking their live shows - this show was recorded for posterity on 2-track DAT. Lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place but Chicago '94 is an example of just that.

Paul Languedoc's stereo soundboard mixes re-mastered by Fred Kevorkian carry the intensity and intricacy of these special shows to listeners' ears eighteen years later. Chicago '94 contains nearly six hours of music performed at both shows for a total of 43 songs, including material from the UIC soundchecks. The shows are presented in a 6-CD box set with new artwork by longtime collaborator and Chicagoan, Jim Pollock.

Chicago '94 is available for preorder now at Phish Dry Goods. Everyone who orders from Phish Dry Goods will receive a free Jim Pollock baseball trading card (there will be four total to collect). In addition, Phish Dry Goods is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $90, and several bundles are available, with some new items including a band new Chicago '94 T and a brand new Limited Edition poster.

June 18, 1994

first set:
Wilson 5:11
Rift 5:55
AC/DC Bag 6:31
Maze 11:22
The Mango Song 7:26
Down with Disease 7:15
It's Ice 8:38
Dog Faced Boy 2:18
Divided Sky 14:34
Sample in a Jar 5:13

second set:
Peaches en Regalia 4:05
David Bowie 18:27
Horn 4:07
McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters 9:05
Tweezer 14:15
Lifeboy 8:23
You Enjoy Myself 20:58
Chalk Dust Torture 7:21

Bouncing Around the Room 3:39
Tweezer Reprise 3:19

All Things Reconsidered 3:34
How Many More Times 3:51
Poor Heart 2:22

November 25, 1994

first set:
Llama 5:35
Guelah Papyrus 5:46
Reba 14:08
Bouncing Around the Room 3:40
Split Open and Melt 11:15
Esther 8:49
Julius 7:27
Golgi Apparatus 4:47

second set:
2001 4:51
Mike's Song 7:23
Simple 14:23
Harpua 15:59
Weekapaug Groove 10:31
The Mango Song 7:23
Purple Rain 5:43
Hold Your Head Up 1:06
Run Like an Antelope 13:11

Good Times Bad Times 5:55

Chicago '94 Soundcheck Jam 8:23
Dog Log 4:58

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6x CD Audio

Phish : 1994-06-18 UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL
2x entre le 7/30/2012 et le 2/4/2018
Phish : 1994-11-25 UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL
2x entre le 7/31/2012 et le 2/5/2018

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