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Ajouté le 15/05/2013
Genre : Jam
Limited edition (1200ex ?) for Record Store Day
Disque (CD/DVD/BluRay/Musique téléchargée)
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On Record Store Day 2013, Trey Anastasio will release Blue Ash And Other Suburbs, a limited edition picture disc vinyl, available exclusively at participating independently owned record stores across the country. The 7" picture disc features outtakes from the Traveler sessions that were co-produced by Trey and Peter Katis in Fall, 2011 and Original artwork by Micah Lidberg.

This picture disc was created exclusively for Record Store Day and will be available in stores only beginning Saturday, April 20th.

Blue Ash And Other Suburbs Tracklist

Side A

Blue Ash And Other Suburbs

Side B

Can You See It


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1x Vinyle 7" (45 Tours)

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