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Achievement unlocked !




Depuis 819 jours, je note tout ce que j'écoute et tout ce à quoi je joue.
Je fais ça aussi pour ce que je lis et regarde mais c'est plus récent (612 et 575 jours).
Ce qui me permet de faire quelques statistiques ou de jolis Wordle ...


Les artistes que j'ai le plus écoutés depuis 819 jours



Le nom et la pochette du prochain k's Choice

par Yome NetSan @ 23 February 2010


Il seront au Casino de Paris le 22 Novembre prochain. J'espère que ce ne sera pas, avec le Bataclan en avril, la seule date en France cette année...

Voici le clip du nouveau single Come Live the Life.

Et une présentation de l'album Echo Mountain par Sarah et Gert :

“It’s been 10 years since all of us were together in a studio; 10 years of working on solo albums, side projects and making little babies. 

Apparently, that’s what it took to pick up from where we ended, and to rediscover the initial excitement we felt when we first started making albums back in the nineties. 

We obviously walked different paths all these years, so when we first started playing new songs for each other, the sum was rather eclectic. Fortunately, it didn’t take us more than a couple of weeks to readjust to each other on a musical level, and to learn again what we almost forgot : how wonderful it is to make music with this band, and, if I may say so myself, just how great it sounds. 

We rediscovered what we were about to lose when we decided to put this band on hold all these years ago. 

We were on a train without looking at the scenery, and now we’re back doing both. 

Along with original bandmembers Koen Lieckens and Eric Grossman, Sarah and I welcomed two new musicians, Thomas Vanelslander & Reinout Swinnen. 

During the first couple of rehearsals, it became clear that the 6 of us don’t have the excact same musical background. 

It’s pretty close, but not quite. We all share a passion for music though, as well as a love for all things beautiful, and soon this was going somewhere we were all hoping for : new K’s Choice songs that sound like us from the very first second, but with layers and angles that make us sound like a brandnew band at the same time. 

Some people would call them rocksongs, some pop or even folk. 

We never cared too much about labels; to us they’re just 14 tracks from the bottom of our heart trying to grasp just a little bit of life’s mystery, of people and their feelings big and small; 

14 tracks that became a part of us with lyrics we believe to be universal, yet sometimes microscopically tiny. 

All songs were we wonder if there’s a difference.(i know what you're trying to say here, gert, but i think it's clear in the last line) 

Whatever they are, we liked them, and decided to put them on tape in a studio close to Sarah’s home in Asheville, North Carolina; an old church surrounded by mountains, big skies and places where they served excellent coffee. We asked Werner Pensaert, a very good friend of ours and producer/engineer who we’ve known since the recordings of our first two albums, to come along, and named the album after the great studio we were at : “Echo Mountain”. 

Today our first single is released and it’s called “Come Live The Life”. 

It’s safe to say its title and lyrics are a summary of how we feel this very moment : Sometimes life moves slow like the snails in the video, sometimes the speed of it is baffling. 

Some of us are lucky, some of us aren’t, but we all experience beauty, pain, gain, loss, and everything in between on a daily basis. In the end, it all comes down to the life we’re all given being a beautiful thing. 

We intend to live every single second of it, and play our music while we’re at it.” 

Gert & Sarah Bettens 



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