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  CD(s) 2021
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Iron Maiden
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Ajouté le 11/23/2021
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1. Intro 03:19
2. Empire of the Clouds [part I] 03:41
3. Aces High 05:26
4. Strange World 05:10
5. Empire of the Clouds [part II] 07:24
6. Charlotte the Harlot 04:35
7. 2 Minutes to Midnight 06:34
8. Children of the Damned 05:28
9. Futureal 03:45
10. Empire of the Clouds [part III] 04:59
11. The Trooper 07:40
12. The Evil That Men Do 06:09
13. 22 Acacia Avenue 09:38
14. Empire of the Clouds [part IV] 04:43
15. Die With Your Boots On 16:53
16. Wasted Years 06:58

This official bootleg shows you the band in perfect condition on their last show of the ‘Sailors of the Sky’ tour. The full set, over 2 hours of music, is released on 3 CD's and is mastered by Daan Janzing at In The Room studios.

released June 4, 2021

Vocals – Frank Beck
Guitar – Daan Janzing
Bass – Joey Bruers
Piano – Polle van Genechten
Hammond – Huub van Loon
Drums – Dirk Bruinenberg
Guest vocals– Ezster Anna Baumann

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3x CD Audio

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