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This Has All Been Wonderful: A Travel Monologue From Summer 1994: The Year Phish Became Phish (David ''Zzyzx'' Steinberg)

1994 was part of an era before cell phones and ubiquitous Internet. Trying to escape the oppressive New Mexico heat, David “ZZYZX” Steinberg spent that summer driving around the country seeing a band. Phish was at a turning point in their career, still playing clubs and small theatres, but about to break into mainstream popularity. From Las Cruces to Vancouver, Canada, back to New Mexico and across the nation to Trenton, New Jersey, David saw twenty-six Phish concerts that summer. Bringing the wry sense of humor and random digressions that have made his daily “Phish Stats” Facebook updates a favorite of veteran fans and newbies alike, this book details the journey he took in the summer of ‘94. Between pointing out the best rest stop locations and explaining how to accidentally infuriate the band that he loves, ZZYZX brings the richness of tour to life. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would pack up their car with nothing but a tour calendar and a few cases of soda to sell, come along for the ride. There’s always room for one more.

David Steinberg has been seeing Phish since 1989. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a Masters’ Degree in mathematics and used that knowledge to create the Phish Stats website (http://www.ihoz.com/PhishStats.html). In addition to that, he also was a writer for jambands.com since 1998 and was an occasional contributor for Deadbase. As a Jewish mathematician, his flare for obsessiveness comes naturally. Yes, indeed, he blames the system! David currently lives in Seattle with his wife Melissa, and some feline companions. None of them are named Poster Nutbag, and none will ever be. Don’t go there. David sits on the Board of Directors for the Mockingbird Foundation who will be receiving a percentage of the royalties from every book sold.

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Phish : This Has All Been Wonderful (David ''Zzyzx'' Steinberg)
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