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G. C.
07/11/2013 15:57


I went to your store on saturady november 2nd and bought 3 Game Boy games (Sales receipt #81331). I came back a few minutes later to buy the Hyrule Historia book.

The thing is, 2 out of the 3 Game Boy games don't work. With Kid Icarus (the back stiker # is 35022) the Nintendo logo keeps on being blury and the game doesn't boot. Quarth (# 4531) is a little more strange : the logo is fine and then the game boots for a fraction of a second. I can see some text and a logo and then the screen goes blank. So I wonder if your games are fully tested ?

I don't expect much as I'm from France and back at home since monday now. I couldn't play the game when I was in the US as I didn't have a console with me. The games have traveled safely and were well protected so don't think it's the issue. I just wanted to let you know my problem and I hope you can improuve your tests for your future customers.

Instead of that, I really liked your store and your Masters of the Univers diorama émoticône smile The people I talked to was really nice.



Level Up Entertainment
07/11/2013 17:25

Thank you for stopping in! I'm sorry to hear about the games you purchased. If you haven't tried this yet, use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner on the contacts of the games. Most Gameboy games get dirty over time and a good cleaning of the contacts usually gets them to work. From what you have said the Kid Icarus sounds like it just needs to be cleaned. Hopefully this will help. We will try our best to be more careful from here on out. Thanks again for the kind words.


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