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Ajouté le 12/15/2016
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12 inch LP of the Firewatch Original Soundtrack composed by Chris Remo of Campo Santo (Digital download card included)

Interestingly enough, nothing about this soundtrack is period appropriate to Firewatch the video game. If it was pressed in 1988, the year the game is set, folks would wonder why it wasn't on cassette tape.  Not to mention that this LP comes with a download card for the OST (MP3's and FLACs delivered by both Bandcamp and Steam, whichever you prefer) which would really bamboozle a music connoisseur of the late 80's.

The soundtrack has every piece of music Chris wrote for the game, including his composition and performance of Ol' Shoshone (with lyrics by Sean Vanaman) and, when heard altogether, is a fantastic piece of work.

We're all so used to working with Chris that we almost take his music for granted. But when the needle drops on this record and your home is filled with his music, it's impossible to not be awed but what he accomplished with the Firewatch soundtrack.

Firewatch Vinyl Soundtrack ships December 1, 2016

  • 160g 33 RPM 12" vinyl
  • Extra thick casewrapped jacket
  • Black innersleeve

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1x Vinyle 12" (33 RPM)

Video Game Soundtrack : Firewatch Original Score (Chris Remo)
2x entre le 11/24/2016 et le 3/31/2020

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