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par Yome NetSan @ 2 décembre 2012

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J'ai eu la chance de recevoir directement de la part de Phish le nouveau double DVD Star Lake 98, avec plus de deux semaines d'avance ! Ce weekend a donc eu lieu ce qui doit être la première listening party de ce concert en Europe.

Ce ne sera pas une habitude dans ce Calendrier de l'Avent mais ça commence à l'être sur Gamusik, je te propose de gagner 2 de ces 4 coffrets. Les 2 autres font déjà l'objet d'un concours sur mon site Bouncing Around Euroom. N'hésite pas à participer aux deux endroits !

Pour gagner, c'est assez simple. Laisse un commentaire sous cet article en répondant à cette question : "Comment a été surnommée la tournée d'été 1998 de Phish et pourquoi ?"

Tu peux tweeter ça pour doubler tes chances :

Déballage et concours pour gagner le dvd Star Lake 98 de #Phish dans le cadre du #CalendrierDeLAvent sur http://gamusik.netsan.fr @YomeNetSan

Et ajoute le lien de ton tweet dans ton commentaire.

Le gagnant sera tiré au sort parmis les commentaires et les tweets faits entre maintenant et le Vendredi 7 Décembre 13:00 (heure française). Peuvent participer uniquement les personnes habitant en Europe et ne faisant pas partie de ma famille.

On August 11, 1998 Phish played at Star Lake Amphitheatre in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.  This was their second visit to Star Lake of seven to-date starting in 1997 and including 2003, 2009 and 2012 shows previously released at LivePhish.com.

The Star Lake 98 show was the 20th of summer to showcase the loose, experimental vibe of a tour that began in Europe and jumped to the United States enroute to the summer’s ending Lemonwheel festival.  The introduction of a never-before-played cover each night earned the tour the nickname “summer of covers” from fans and Star Lake’s contribution was a Trench Town Rock opener.  Star Lake also saw the return of Time Loves A Hero which was played for the first time in a decade and segued out of a sultry Wolfman’s BrotherJulius, an extended Fee outro (during which hip Pittsburghians clapped along on the 2 and 4) and deep renditions of Maze and Reba set the stage for set II.  The second set featured a super-swinging, ethereal Runaway Jim that foreshadowed 2011’s Storage Jam and an unusual pairing of Meat > Limb By Limb.  Local flavor of the Commonwealth was provided by Bittersweet Motel (the title of the Phish documentary recorded during Europe ’98 dates) and Wilson, King of Prussia.

Star Lake 98 is the only full show available as video from summer 1998.  The 2-DVD set was created from archival VHS videotapes of the 3-camera lawn screen feed.  The audio was mixed from multi-track masters in stereo PCM and 5.1 surround (aspect Ratio 4:3, regions 1-6 NTSC) and clocks in at just about 2 hours and 50 minutes. It will be released on DVD and digital audio download December 11 on JEMP Records.

Disc One:
Trench Town Rock >
Wolfman's Brother >
Time Loves a Hero
Bittersweet Motel
The Sloth
Ginseng Sullivan
Sample in a Jar

Disc Two:
Runaway Jim
Meat >
Limb By Limb
When the Circus Comes >
Down with Disease
Wilson >
Golgi Apparatus

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