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Recorded LIVE over two wild evenings in Providence, Rhode Island, May 11-12, 1999

UM is a super group of accomplished masters, featuring Hal Crook (trombone), John Medeski (organ), Rick Peckham (guitar), Dave Zinno (bass), and Bob Gullotti (drums). Having performed collectively with Phil Woods, Paul Motion, Trey Anastasio’s Surrender to the Air, The Fringe, Medeski, Martin and Wood, and John Zorn, these players are as wide-ranging in their experience as they are adventurous.


  1. Bushwhacker (5:47) 
  2. Gizmosis (2:17) 
  3. Walters World (7:54) 
  4. Stray Dog Part I (9:29) 
  5. Repulse Impulse (4:41) 
  6. Teen Mind (4:39) 
  7. Pervert (9:37) 
  8. Stray Dog Part II (5:54) 
  9. Um (12:56)


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Um (with John Medeski) : Stray Dog
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