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Noël 2016
Ajouté le 12/05/2017
Genre : Rock

Mr. Freeze
Cocoon Crash
Iron Flower
If You're Not Scared
Butterflies Instead
Almost Happy
The Ballad of Lea & Paul
Echo Mountain
The Phantom Cowboy
Shadowman *
I Will Carry You
Virgin State of Mind
Not An Addict
Everything for Free**

20,000 seconds ***
We Are Glaciers ****

Killing Dragons *****

* Gert and Tom only.
** False start because of technical problems with Gert's guitar or amp. Sarah stopped the song saying that Gert's deserves to play this song as he wrote it. Then she corrected herself because she's the one who actually wrote it, so they can play it without it him anyway ! During the pause, she thanked the crowd and the crew. As the problems last, she was scared to have to tell jokes but the sound came back just in time to "save her".
*** Sarah alone.
**** More technical problems with Gert's amp (this time with a Yukulele). Sarah said "Now I have to tell jokes..." But the drummer started a little riff to past time. The bassist told the crowd (in french) to do things like checking emails...
"Another Year" was on the setlist after "20,000 seconds" but was not played.
***** A capella, without mic. Sarah, Gert and Reinout only

Sarah Bettens: vocals & guitar
Gert Bettens: vocals & guitar
Reinout RJ Swinnen: keyboards & backing vocals
Tom Lodewyckx: guitars
Bart Van Lierde : bass
Wim Van Der Westen : drums

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Elk Escape : Vendredi 12 Mai 2017 Chateau Rouge, Annemasse, France
1x le 12/05/2017
Now Listening...
k's Choice : Vendredi 12 Mai 2017 Chateau Rouge, Annemasse, France
1x le 12/05/2017
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