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This CDR contains the instrumental versions of all Echo Mountain & Little Echoes tracks except for a couple Little Echoes titles which were recorded in one take and for which it was impossible to edit an instrumental version. All songs have the MP3 format.


The 21 songs included are:

  1. Come Live The Life
  2. Let It Grow
  3. Echo Mountain
  4. When I Lay Beside you
  5. Perfect
  6. I Will Carry You
  7. If This Isn’t Right
  8. Say A Prayer
  9. These Are The Thoughts
  10. 16
  11. Killing Dragons
  12. America
  13. Along For The Ride
  14. How Simple It Can Be
  15. Message To My Girl
  16. I Wanna Get Lost
  17. No Surprises
  18. I’m So Excited
  19. If This Isn’t Right (acoustic version)
  20. Someone Just Like You
  21. River To The Moon.



A password protected link to all lyrics of these songs is included.


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