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Genre : Rock
Limited Coloured Numbered Edition 318/750
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Second box

180 gram audiophile vinyl / Gatefold sleeve

'Almost Happy' is the fourth studio album by Belgian rock band K's Choice. The album was recorded at Real World Studios and originally released in 2000. The album includes the three hit singles 'Almost Happy', 'Busy' and 'Another Year'. The lyrics of this album are more autobiographical than of the previous album 'Cocoon Crash' and the music is, when compared to earlier work, more melancholy and intimate. 'K's Choice stripped its musical soul on this particular album, composing a sound that's both charming and gentle. Frontwoman Sarah Bettens gets personal from the start, kicking off the album with a recording of her singing a Belgian folk song at age five. The innocence surrounding it sets the tone. The warmth of 'Home' and 'Live for Real' sifts through the present. Bettens' signature smoky vocals are a touch deeper, while the band's instrumentation is delicate'. (AllMusic, MacKenzie Wilson) 'Almost Happy' includes a hidden track, the a cappella song 'We're Already There'.

Disc 1
  1. Intro
  2. Another Year
  3. Almost Happy
  4. My Head
  5. Live for Real
  6. Somewhere
  7. Home
Disc 2
  1. Tired
  2. Always Everywhere
  3. Shadowman
  4. Favorite Adventure (The Wedding Song)
  5. Busy
  6. All
  7. We're Already There (HIDDEN TRACK)

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2x Vinyles 12" (33 Tours)

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