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Ajouté le 9/16/2010
Genre : Jam
Edition : livephish.com
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TAB AT THE TAB captures the band at the peak of its powers and includes live renditions of classic TAB songs and numerous new compositions. Building on 2009's stripped-down four-piece lineup - lead guitarist/vocalist Anastasio, Russ Lawton (drums), Tony Markellis (bass) and Ray Paczkowski (keyboards) - TAB added horns back into the mix for its most recent foray. Longtime TAB members Russell Remington (tenor saxophone and flute) and Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet and vocals) were joined by newcomer Natalie Cressman (trombone and vocals), just 18 and on her first national tour.

The instrumentation, vocals and arrangements prove a formidable combination, from the scintillating opener "Money, Love and Change" to the tender "Words to Wanda" (marking the song's first appearance on record). TAB AT THE TAB also marks the recorded debuts of fan favorite "Windora Bug," and Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog."


1. Money, Love and Change
2. Words to Wanda
3. Alaska
4. Valentine
5. Sand
6. Windora Bug
7. Drifting
8. Goodbye Head
9. Show of Life
10. Black Dog
11. Cayman Review



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