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Genre : Jam
Standard Edition
Code : T5LP10
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Second box


Produced by Anastasio and longtime collaborator Bryce Goggin, PAPER WHEELS was recorded last year at The Barn and features the immortal TAB line up of drummer Russ Lawton, bassist Tony Markellis, and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, augmented by the full horn section of trombonist/vocalist Natalie Cressman, multi-instrumentalist James Casey, and longtime TAB trumpeter/vocalist Jennifer Hartswick.

140 gram 45 RPM 2x LP in die cut single jacket. Includes download card. 

Track List:

1. Sometime After Sunset
2. The Song
3. Never
4. In Rounds
5. Flying Machines
6. Invisible Knife
7. Lever Boy
8. Bounce
9. Liquid Time
10. Paper Wheels
11. Speak To Me
12. Cartwheels

Liste des médias :
2x Vinyles 12" (45 Tours)

Other versions :
Trey Anastasio
Complet ? Paper Wheels
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