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GHOSTS OF THE FOREST was recorded over the span of just a few days at the Barn Studio in Vermont in April 2018. The record was produced by Anastasio and engineered and mixed by Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Jack White). Rolling Stone described the album as full of "psychedelic guitar liftoffs, ambitious arrangements and deeply personal lyrics.”

2x 180g LP. Foil numbered with limited edition rainbow foil packaging.

Inlcudes free Ghosts of the Forest sticker while supplies last.

Ghosts of the Forest will be released on May 24, 2019. Your order will ship on or around May 21.

Track List

  1. Ghosts of the Forest 4:58
  2. Drift While You’re Sleeping 10:29
  3. Friend 6:39
  4. About To Run 5:19
  5. Halfway Home 5:22
  6. In Long Lines 4:52
  7. Ruby Waves 6:00
  8. Brief Time 2:06
  9. Beneath A Sea of Stars 23:29

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