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Ajouté le 12/8/2018
Genre : Rock
Deluxe Edition
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Second box

Pisces Iscariot (2012 Remaster)
1. Soothe (demo)
2. Frail & bedazzled
3. Plume
4. Whir
5. Blew away
6. Pissant
7. Hello kitty kat
8. Obscured
9. Landslide
10. Starla
11. Blue
12. A girl named sandoz
13. La dolly vita
14. Spaced

Bonus Disc
1. By june (ignoffo sessions/2012 mix) 
2. My dahlia (ignoffo sessions/2012 mix) 
3. Jesus loves his babies (gish sessions rough mix) 
4. Cinnamon girl (ignoffo sessions/2012 mix) 
5. Glynis (2012 mix) 
6. Crawl (gish sessions outtake) 
7. Cinder open (eddy st. demo/2012 mix) 
8. Blissed (sadlands demo/2012 mix) 
9. Slunk (live)
10. Jackie blue 
11. Venus in furs (live) 
12. Translucent (sadlands demo/2012 mix) 
13. French movie thème (siamese sessions outtake) 
14. Purr snickety (gish b-sides session outtake) 
15. There it goes (demo/2012 mix) 
16. Vanilla (ignoffo sessions) 
17. Why am I so tired (live in studio demo)
basement jam (pulse cable access show - 11/19/88)
1. Intro by Billy Corgan 
2. Pulse cable show introduction by Lou Hinkhouse 
3. There it goes
4. She
5. Under your spell
6. My eternity
7. Bleed
8. Nothing and everything
9. Jennifer ever
10. Death of a mind
11. Spiteface
bonus clips
12. Blue 
13. Offer up 
14. The joker 
15. Slunk 
16. Dancing in the moonlight 
17. Snap 
18. Hello kitty kat
First Ever SP Demo reproduced on cassette
1. Jennifer ever 
2. East 
3. Nothing and everything 
4. Sun (remix) 
5. She (live) 
6. Spiteface 

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1x Cassette Audio
1x DVD Vidéo

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The Smashing Pumpkins
Complet ? Pisces Iscariot
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