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Release date: 6 December 2013

The Book + The Live Vinyl + The Archives Vinyl

A book including 48 pages of exclusive photographies & inerviews
- 1 CD The Live
- 1 CD The Archives
- 1 DVD The Movie
- 2LP 12" The Live
- 2LP 10" The Archives
- Free digital download



  1. Shape
  2. Das Neue
  3. Souldier
  4. Citylights Forever
  5. Heharun
  6. Take a Turn
  7. My oh My
  8. 1983
  9. LikeLikeLike
  10. Can You See Me?
  11. Leave me with the Monkeys
  12. Z'Lied vor Freiheitsstatue


  1. NÜT (Dem Burghölzli zum Geburstag)
  2. Headlights
  3. Lovesong to Everyone
  4. Travelogue
  5. Rise and Fall
  6. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  7. Avec le Temps
  8. Spiegelbild
  9. Walzer für Niemand
  10. Hotel Belfort
  11. Letter to Madonna


The Rules of Fire - A documentary film featuring Sophie Hunger

The Rules of Fire is a documentary film by French director Jeremiah featuring the Swiss artist Sophie Hunger. It shares its name with the 10 Rules of Fire - Hunger's collection of principles that a musician ought to follow. The film shows a variety of live performances and on the road footage of her European Tour in 2013 all circling around the golden rules. 

Liste des médias :
2x CD Audio
1x DVD Vidéo
1x Livre

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Sophie Hunger : The Rules of Fire : The Archives
3x entre le 30/11/2015 et le 26/01/2018
Now Listening...
Sophie Hunger : The Rules of Fire : The Live
3x entre le 30/11/2015 et le 29/01/2018
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Sophie Hunger : The Rules of Fire : The Movie
1x le 01/11/2015
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