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Side A:
  1. Rererevolution
  2. Souldier
  3. LikeLikeLike
  4. Das Neue
  5. Can You See Me?
Side B:
  1. Heharun
  2. Z'Lied vor Freiheitsstatue
  3. Holy Hells
  4. The Fallen
  5. Take a Turn
Side C:
  1. First we Leave Manhattan *
  2. What it is *
  3. My oh My II *
  4. The Musician *
Side D:
  1. Perpetrator
  2. Ne me quitte pas *
  3. One Too Many Mornings *


* Bonus tracks

Liste des médias :
2x Vinyles 12" (33 tours)
1x CD Audio

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