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Ajouté le 6/1/2013
Genre : Jam
Limited edition numered 3098 of 7500 for Record Store Day
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Lawn Boy Deluxe

Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Jemp Records
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
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On Record Store Day 2013, Phish will release Lawn Boy, the band's second full-length studio album, as a Limited Edition Deluxe 2-LP vinyl set, available exclusively at participating independently owned record stores across the country. Lawn Boy marks the band's third release in conjunction with Record Store Day (joining Two Soundchecks and Junta) and the first time Lawn Boy has been available on vinyl in well over a decade.

This LE Deluxe 2-LP vinyl set is limited to 7,500 individually numbered copies. Lawn Boy was recorded and mixed at Archer Studios in Winooski, VT in 1989 and 1990 on 16-track 2" tape and was mixed to 1/4" stereo reels. The band won the initial studio time with a first-place Rock Rumble performance on April 21, 1989 at a downtown Burlington, VT club called The Front. The Lawn Boy sessions that followed consisted of mostly live takes with a few effects and overdubs. Engineer Dan Archer acquired a baby grand piano specifically for the recording, Fish played his drums squeezed into a vocal isolation booth and the band utilized local musicians including members of what would soon be called the Giant Country Horns. Like Junta before it, Phish self-produced Lawn Boy on a hands-on level, surrounding the console for group fades without aid of automation.

Lawn Boy was initially self-distributed on cassette tape in 1990 and officially released on September 21, 1990 on Absolute A-Go-Go and Rough Trade Records on cassette, single-LP vinyl and CD (with CD bonus track Fee). The album was later re-mastered by Bob Ludwig and re-released on CD and cassette by Elektra Records June 30, 1992 and was eventually certified Gold.

This new vinyl release was created from the original 1/4" stereo master reels with lacquers cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Each LP is pressed onto 180g audiophile grade vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the entire album (transferred from the new vinyl master). Deluxe packaging includes an 8-page photo booklet, plenty of painted-Fishman outtakes, and an etched D-side.

This LE Deluxe 2-LP vinyl set was created exclusively for Record Store Day. Lawn Boy will be available in stores only beginning Saturday, April 20th. For a complete list of participating record stores, please click here.

Lawn Boy Limited Edition Deluxe 2-LP Vinyl Tracklisting

Side A
The Squirming Coil

Side B
My Sweet One
Split Open And Melt
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
Bathtub Gin

Side C
Run Like An Antelope
Lawn Boy
Bouncing Around The Room

Lawn Boy, the band's 2nd official studio album was originally released in 1990 and rereleased by Phish in 1992 after signing with  Elektra Records.  Recorded in Vermont it contains some of the still often played, fan-favorites in the band's repertoire.  In keeping with the previous album re-releases on the band's label JEMP Records, this LP was created from the sessions original 2-inch analog reels and mastered for vinyl by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.  Pressed on 180g vinyl. 

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2x Vinyles 12" (33 tours)

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Lawn Boy 61 Phish NEUF Musiques CD(s) USA
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Lawn Boy 61 Phish OCCAZ Musiques CD(s) USA
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Phish : Lawn Boy
1x le 6/1/2013

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