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  CD(s) 2000
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Phish Tribute
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Gone Phishin': A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish is a bluegrass tribute album to the rock band Phish led by the Canadian solo artist Brent Truitt. The album features reworked instrumental versions of songs from three Phish albums: Rift, A Picture of Nectar and The Story of the Ghost. The album was successful and a sequel - Still Phishin - was released in 2002.

Both volumes are available in a double disc set titled Forever Phishin': The Bluegrass Tribute to Phish.

Track listing

  1. Silent In The Morning - 4:48
  2. Glide - 3:59
  3. Rift - 4:20
  4. Cavern - 3:50
  5. Wading In The Velvet Sea - 2:57
  6. Tweezer - 4:40
  7. Birds Of A Feather - 3:24
  8. Chalkdust Torture - 4:08
  9. Sparkle - 4:09
  10. Brian And Robert - 3:13
  11. Water In The Sky - 2:25
  12. Fast Enough For You - 3:44


  • Brent Truitt: acoustic and gut string guitars, mandolin
  • Earl Palmer: acoustic and gut string guitars
  • Richard Bailey: banjo
  • Rob Ickes: dobro
  • Tim Crouch: fiddle
  • Byron House: bass

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