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Genre : Jam
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1. Auld Lang Syne > (12/31/95 New York, NY) 1:44
2. Weekapaug Groove (12/31/95 New York, NY) 17:42
3. My Friend, My Friend (11/30/94 Olympia, WA) 8:21
4. Split Open and Melt (12/1/94 Salem, OR) 14:43
5. Wolfman's Brother (4/26/96 New Orleans, LA) 3:52
6. My Sweet One (11/17/91 New Orleans, LA) 2:18
7. Twist (4/2/98 Uniondale, NY) 18:34
8. Cavern (4/5/98 Providence, RI) 12:57

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