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Limited numbered edition of 7,500
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On Record Store Day (Saturday, April 21), Phish will release “Billy Breathes”, the band’s sixth full-length studio album, as a limited (individually foil numbered out of 7,500) 180g 2-LP vinyl set, available exclusively at participating independently owned record stores across the country.

Billy Breathes was recorded and mixed in 1996 at Bearsville Studios by John Siket and Steve Lillywhite, and was produced by Phish and Lillywhite. Billy Breathes was originally mastered by Bob Ludwig and released by Elektra on CD and cassette October 15, 1996. The single, “Free”, charted and the album went on to be certified Gold.

Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering cut the lacquers from the Digital Audio Tape flat master for the vinyl edition. Each LP includes a free MP3 download of the album transferred from the vinyl.

Billy Breathes Limited Edition 2-LP Vinyl

Side A
Free (3:49)
Character Zero (4:00)
Waste (4:50)
Taste (4:07)

Side B
Cars Trucks Buses (2:25)
Talk (3:09)
Theme From The Bottom (6:22)

Side C
Train Song (2:33)
Bliss (2:03)
Billy Breathes (5:31)
Swept Away (1:16)
Steep (1:37)
Prince Caspian (5:19)
Liste des médias :
2x Vinyles 12" (33 Tours)

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