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  CD Promo 1993
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Phish 1993
Phish Promo
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Album Network was a highly regarded radio only trade magazine (now deceased) which contained important information for radio stations on a weekly basis (not to mention that the staff of The Album Network were close friends of mine). Every week, we'd get the latest 'Tune-Up' cd in the mail on Mondays, to help in our decision as to which songs we would add to our playlist on Music Day (which was always Tuesday in the industry). It was up to each label to decide (for a fee) which songs to include on each disc. Since the radio stations that got these cd's had to be an Album Network magazine subscriber, and since these 'Tune-Up' cd's were format specific (rock or alternative or top 40 etc) they were pressed in very limited numbers. I'd venture it would be safe to say around 200 copies, and, in many cases, probably less. Therefore, these are quite rare. These were never available to retail or sold in stores.

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