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  • LivePhish.com Haiti Relief 2010 - A Live Phish Download to benefit Haiti Earthquake Efforts - Partners In Health and American Red Cross. 
  • Opening show of the band's Fall Tour.  Before the show, they appeared on a radio interview with Mike Luoma on WIZN where they talked about the impending release of the new album "Rift" and joked about burying a pair of tickets in the (cold) ground of Burlington CIty Hall Park. 
  • Maze began with an introduction by Mike Luoma from WIZN FM - an alumnus of St. Michael's College 
  • The Divided Sky contained an extended instrumental play onThose Were The Days (The All In The Family Theme by Adams and Strouse) 
  • first AxillaI Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover), Big Ball JamFast Enough For You and Lengthwise 
  • Run Like An Antelope contained teases of Those Were The Days and The Lizards as well as "All Fall Down" language 
  • tuneup before Mike's Song included an Owner Of A Lonely Heart tease 
  • Weekapaug Groove contained teases of Those Were The Days, a vocal jam and some lyrics believed to be from Ninja Custodian's The Price Of Love

  • Big Black Furry Creature From Mars was performed as an instrumental with lyrics and music from I Walk The Line andRing Of Fire

  • Trey dedicated Big Ball Jam to Monitor Engineer and Ball Coordinator Pete Schall and explained the Jam after it happened. 
  • Poor HeartFast Enough For You and Llama were performed with Gordon Stone on pedal steel 
  • first Bold As Love since 4/18/90 Denver, CO (~256 shows) 
  • Production Credits: Recorded by Paul Languedoc. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian, Kevorkian Mastering, Inc. April/May 2009. Post-production by Kevin Shapiro, assisted by Dwight Stannard and Robert Lucente. 1992 Phish crew:  Paul Languedoc, Chris Kuroda, Pete Schall, Andrew Fischbeck, Brad Sands, Amy Skelton, Greenpeace Mike Hayes.


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Phish : 1992-11-19 Ross Arena, Saint Michael's College, Colchester, VT
3x entre le 1/29/2010 et le 2/5/2010
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