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====== Official Soundtrack of the Award Winning PSN Game =====

* IGN PSN Game of the Year

* Giant Bomb's Best Original Soundtrack 2009

* PSNstore.com's Best Soundtrack 2009

* Digital Download Game World's Best Soundtrack 2009

* IGF Best Audio Finalist - winner announced @ GDC in March

+ many many more rave reviews for this rocking soundtrack!

We've had a fantastic response the game and very special music that went along with it. See what all the fuss is about for yourself!


About the soundtrack:

A retro inspired, modern crafted audio journey from the critically acclaimed video game Shatter. A rich soundscape that flows through electro rock and retro beats, epic guitar solos and spacey vibes.

Crafted by artist Module in close collaboration with game production studio Sidhe, the music takes the listener on a hypnotic journey through the lush visuals and scenery of the game.

Inspired by classic video game titles, and reimagined for the modern era, the Shatter Soundtrack merges an eclectic mix of genres from Electro to Glam Rock. Emotionally rich base lines are mixed with soaring guitar solos in 8-minute long tracks that are decadent and guilty pleasures for the ear.

The music was tirelessly worked on for over a year in close consultation with the emerging visuals and themes of the game. The result is a truly immersive and unique experience that conjures up feelings of 80’s new wave, stadium rock and intergalactic space rock opera.

released 23 July 2009
Original Composition by Jeramiah Ross aka Module Copyright 2009 Prodigy Design Limited t/a Sidhe Publisher Mushroom Music NZ Ltd

Keep it locked on @sidhenz for more specials and updates in the future!

Shatter - available on PlayStation 3 Network


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