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Genre : Electronique
Disque (CD/DVD/BluRay/Musique téléchargée)


A 73 Min 1 track ambient CD
This is music for dreaming. Nothing more than a rich swirling ambient sonic textural soundscape, a electronic lullaby to drift away to.

Track Listing.
Track 1. 73.47

Part (a) 00.00 - 14.25 - Nocturne
Part (b) 14.26 - 24.01 - This city slumbers
Part (c) 24.02 - 30.24 - Resonance, Plusing
Part (d) 30.25 - 46.49 - Away we go, Shimmering
Part (e) 46.50 - 73.47 - Rapid slow motion, Flying, Adrift in stillness.

released 31 January 2006
Written and Performed by Jeramiah Ross AKA Module Island Bay Wellington March 2006

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Module : Dreams For The Sleepless
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