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  CD(s) 2010
Ajouté le 10/20/2010
Genre : Jam
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  • The second release from Mike Gordon's five-piece band (which includes longtime collaborator Scott Murawski on guitar, Vermonters Craig Myers on percussion and Tom Cleary on keyboards and Brooklyn drummer Todd Isler). This 2-CD show was recorded live at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York and features several new songs from Mike's repertoire including "Can't Stand Still" and "Spiral". A handful of covers, carefully deconstructed and reconstructed with a fresh twist, were also played that night including Radiohead's "15 Step", The Talking Heads' "Cities" and  The Mustangs' "Time For Loving Is Now".

    The Band:
    Mike Gordon - bass, vocals
    Scott Murawski - guitar, vocals
    Tom Cleary - keyboards, vocals
    Craig Myers - percussion, vocals
    Todd Isler - drums 
  • Birth of the Universe is a download only bonus track from Writing/Practice Sessions in February 2010.  It was recorded and mixed by jared Slomoff at CactusUnlimited, VT. 
  • Fully remixed by Mike Gordon & Ben Collette from the multi-track recordings and mastered.


Liste des médias :
2x CD Audio

Mike Gordon : 2009-10-03 The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
2x entre le 3/3/2010 et le 3/2/2012

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