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Ajouté le 16/05/2018
Genre : Jam
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"Cheers, New Orleans! Cheers!!! So good to be here.
Everyday is the best in New Orleans...that always is the case...somehow...I don’t know how..... 
I love you ...WE love you!"

That perfectly sums up the good vibes that were flowing a few weeks back when Marco, Karina and Andy played to the wee hours at Tipitina's during JazzFest. Before Marco shut down the venue, he grabbed the multi-track recording from the board and took it back to Fred Short Recording Studio up here in the beautiful Catskill mountains to personally mix it down. We're now handing it off too you. Follow the link and grab it gratis. It's a particulary spacey, psychedelic set—as well it should be deep in the heart of a New Orleans' night!

  1. The Story Of Fred Short - Intro (3:30)
  2. The Story Of Fred Short - 7.22 (1:16)
  3. The Story Of Fred Short - Walking With Tyrone (2:12)
  4. The Story Of Fred Short - Live A Certain Life (3:26)
  5. The Story Of Fred Short - Stay In Line (8:09)
  6. The Story Of Fred Short -I Can't See The Light (4:49)
  7. The Story Of Fred Short - Follow The Arrow (4:28)
  8. Greenpoint (9:40)
  9. Heartbeats (7:12)
  10. Pepper (3:28)
  11. Dropkick (6:29)
  12. Coyote Hearing (7:54)
  13. RISD (10:04)
  14. Woah Woah (1:17)
  15. You Don't Know How It Feels (8:34)
  16. Bus Ride (7:16)
  17. At The Show (9:51)

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