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1. One Dark Knight (Intro) 01:22
2. From the Shadows (Plains of Passage) 04:42
3. Boss Victory 00:07
4. The Magic Mirror (Tower Hub) 04:33
5. The Lonely Parapet 02:54
6. Tools of War (Clockwork Tower) 03:17
7. Aqua Vitae (Explodatorium) 05:10
8. Facing the Task (Lost City) 05:31
9. Both Eyes Open 03:55
10. A Cargo of Fineries (Flying Machine) 05:38
11. The Price of Doing Business (Iron Whale) 05:30
12. The Struggle Never Ends 02:03
13. A Wintry Paradise (Stranded Ship) 03:48
14. In the Halls of the King (Pridemoor Keep) 03:21
15. Hidden by Night (Lich Yard) 05:13
16. Boss - Embraced by Darkness 01:52
17. Hitting Close to Home 04:16
18. Boss - Go No Further! 02:41
19. A Fool's Wager 00:22
20. Incompleto Sin Ti 04:03
21. Fate Approaches 02:46
22. Know Thy True Self 02:05
23. Final Redemption 00:14
24. An Imposition of Order (Ending) 03:47
25. Trailer - Specter of Torment 01:58

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