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Gov't Mule: Vocals, Guitar – Warren Haynes. Drums – Matt Abts.

CD1 - The Deep End. Volume 1
1.Fool's Moon 5:50
2.Life On The Outside 3:45
3.Banks Of The Deep End 5:55
4.Down And Out In New York City 6:12
5.Effigy 9:06
6.Maybe I'm A Leo 6:06
7.Same Price 3:34
8.Soulshine 7:43
9.Sco-Mule 6:08
10.Worried Down With The Blues 8:40
11.Beautifully Broken 6:01
12.Tear Me Down 6:10
13.Sin's A Good Man's Brother 4:11

CD2 - The Deep End. Volume 2
1.Trying Not To Fall 5:29
2.Time To Confess 5:43
3.Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 1) 3:24
4.Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 2) 3:35
5.What Is Hip? 6:22
6.World Of Confusion 5:52
7.Hammer And Nails 7:58
8.Slow Happy Boys 6:24
9.Sun Dance 6:10
10.Lay Of The Sunflower 6:54
11.Catfish Blues 7:53
12.Which Way Do We Run? 5:31
13.Babylon Turnpike 8:05

CD3 - The Deep End. Hidden Treasures
1.Blind Man In The Dark 7:06
2.Fallen Down 13:31
3.Jesus Just Left Chicago 10:02
4.Soulshine 4:57
5.Drivin' Rain 4:08
6.Rocking Horse 6:38
7.Lay Your Burden Down 5:40
8.Sco-Mule (DJ Logic Remix) 3:07

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