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Ajouté le 17/03/2018
Genre : Electronique
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1. Messij - Bobbing Boat Mix 06:30
2. Operatique - Internal Struggle Mix 07:04
3. Cold Comfort - Steady Progress Mix 06:18
4. Cairodrome - Waldspaziergang Mix 07:17
5. Five Reasons Why - FuQ Mix 05:29
6. Cardinal Dancer - Neon Sunset Mix 05:00
7. Hakapik Murder - Deep Space Oddysey Mix 08:20
8. Kinkong - Motown Melody Mix 03:59
9. Surgeon - Ertrinken im Meer Mix 05:58
10. YYYYY - Choral Bang Mix 04:18
11. Trancevaal - Random Digits Mix 07:08
12. DOH-T AM / FM Mix 08:30
13. Plasticity - Recycle Bitch! Mix 06:05
14. Body in Motion - Timeless Techno Mix 06:55
15. Tentative - Woffenfum Mix 07:29
16. Canada - Drunken Auslander Mix 09:02
17. Messij Received - WSTWGBE Mix 06:05

I first had the idea for this double album back in late 2015. A collection of selected music from the Sony PlayStation game WipEout and WipEout 2097(XL) all remixed in a more laid-back style on a sexy double audio CD. 

The first pre-orders came in mid-December of 2015, and all was well with the World. What could possibly upset my plans? Well, just over 2 years later, I found out... that's for sure. 

It seems like a lifetime ago now. So much shit hit the fan over this time, and so much work had to be done to get things back on an even keel. But let's not dwell on all that. ;o) 

If you stuck with me during this time, I hope I've done you proud here! If you jumped ship then I refunded you and I certainly don't hold it against you, that's for sure! 

So here it is... a long, long painstaking body of work. I hope you all enjoy. x 

NOTE: To get the absolute best listening experience I would SERIOUSLY recommend you download the album in lossless format e.g. FLAC - you can always convert it to MP3 later using free web utilities.


Written, mixed and produced by CoLD SToRAGE. 
Album & Booklet Artwork by @PVBroadz [ twitter ]. 
Mixed and Mastered at Hess-Betonburg Studios, Switzerland. 
WipEout, WipEout 2097 and all associated branding is copyright Sony Computer Entertainment, and used here for reference purposes only.

Liste des médias :
2x CD Audio
1x Poster

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