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CD(s)| 2004
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Genre : Soundtrack
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  1. We Were) The Trees
  2. The Flurry Pt. 1
  3. Static
  4. The Flurry Pt. 2
  5. Snow
  6. 'F! Is For Filth!'
  7. Vanishing Cave
  8. The House Of Jarius
  9. Marathon
  10. Stirring Furnace
  11. Everything Is Beautiful
After receiving massive critical praise for his 2003 graphic novel Blankets, comic artist/writer Craig Thompson approached Tracker's John Askew to do a "soundtrack" for his book. With the song writing & production duties accomplished by Askew in his Scenic Burrows, Craig Thompson designed the package with all original art to supplement the book Blankets. The package is hand crafted and assembled by Stumptown Printers and Pinball printers in Portland, OR.

Tracker-Blankets is the third release to come from Tracker. Written and produced to accompany the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson, this album quietly threads its way through Thompson's stark images of winter, and first love, and the dark, yet hopeful coming of age narrative. Tracker-Blankets juxtaposes the loose, dusty interiors of pair of earlier Tracker concept albums with a more ambient and spare instrumental record. The tracks unravel slowly and never distract from Thompson's book. Tracker - Blankets shares the same ambience as Papa M-era David Pajo and Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois collaborations.

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