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Official Release Date: August 19th, 2016


Black Screen Records is going to release the official soundtrack to the critically acclaimed video game Velocity 2X in cooperation with FuturLab this summer on limited edition, audiophile 180g vinyl. The upbeat electronic music was produced by Killzone & Horizon Zero Dawn composer Joris de Man, whose futuristic chip tune style perfectly fits the visually intense shooter. The soundtrack comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with original artwork by the FuturLab team along with two audiophile 180 gram discs on blue and neon pink coloured vinyl and an exclusive two-sided A2 poster.

"Releasing the Velocity 2X soundtrack on vinyl makes perfect sense - a marriage of music that was conceived purely electronically, on a real and tangible medium renowned for being so organic, warm, rich in sound and dare I say it, human. It's an added touch of class to a bunch of tracks we really enjoyed making, and we hope you’ll enjoy them for a long time!" - Joris de Man

Instead of going with the flow, the British game studio FuturLab loops back to a golden age of gameplay to recreate the pure fun and enjoyment of the great games from the '80s and ‘90s. Velocity 2X is a fast, colourful game, rich in variety and imagery. While the sequel to Velocity Ultra stays true to its original gameplay design, it applies a puzzle-platforming adventure, more complex boss fights and an amazing soundtrack to cause even more sleepless nights. Filled with infectious madness and twitchy fun, Velocity 2X is available for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Steam. Check www.futurlab.co.uk for more information on Velocity 2X.

- Composed, mixed and mastered by Joris de Man & James Marsden 
- Artwork by FuturLab 
- Includes an exclusive two-sided A2 poster with official Velocity 2X artwork 
- Purchase the vinyl via our webstore to receive an instant MP3 download 

“Phenomenal soundtrack that runs the gamut between wistful and aptly invigorating.” - Gamespot 9/10 

“These visuals are backed with an uptempo electronic score that fits the game perfectly and never seems to get redundant, even after multiple playthroughs of the same level.” - Polygon 9/10 

“Like you’re at a rave on a space station and someone’s spiked your drink“ - Kotaku



A1. Flight Computer 
A2. Rekenium 
A3. Frontier 
A4. Jintinda Lab 
A5. Impending Threat 
A6. Perilous Escape

B1. Lost & Found 
B2. Hail Vokh 
B3. General Glaive 
B4. Boost 
B5. Inference 
B6. Velocity 
B7. Mesmer

C1. Protect 2X 
C2. Quarp Drive 2X 
C3. Conflict Support 
C4. Network Autonomy 1.0

D1. Protect 
D2. Quarp Drive 
D3. Recuse 
D4. Search 
D5. Vessel

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2x Vinyles 12" (33 tours)

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