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Ajouté le 30/11/2008

PixelJunk™ Eden Full Game Unlock

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Utterly unique and spellbindingly beautiful, PixelJunk™ Eden welcomes you to a psychedelic world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

As a tiny, silk-spinning “grimp,” it is up to you to collect the lost “Spectra” that have been scattered across all the gardens of Eden. Swing and jump between plants and rock formations, collect pollen to seed new plants and explore the incredible gardens to locate the precious “Spectra.” 

Lush visuals, slick controls and amazing music make it an incredibly atmospheric and addictive experience. 

Download the full game today and prepare to enter Eden! 


Key Features:

  • Stunning Visuals - Stylish graphics brought to life in gorgeous 1080p HD.
  • Multiplayer Co-op - Local co-op play for up to three players. 
  • Trophy and Online Support - Unlock Trophies and track high scores via online leaderboards. 
  • Video Recording - Record gameplay videos to the hard drive or upload directly to YouTube™.
  • Remote Play - Supports Remote Play for PSP® system.

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