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Hollow Knight
Ajouté le 4/19/2019
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Second box

Single LP Pressing featuring:
Custom two sided picture disc (art unique on each side)
Embossed Lettering on Jacket
Art print Eurosleeve
Art print Insert
Includes Download Card

Venture to the farthest reaches of Hallownest with an all new collection of 15 epic tracks. Meet fallen kings, gallant knights and ancient gods in this powerful, orchestral collection that brings together all the additional tracks from Hollow Knight and features an entirely new arrangement, Pale Court.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Nightmares is composed by Christopher Larkin.

Track List

1. Hive Knight
2. Truth, Beauty and Hatred
3. Nightmare Lantern (Interlude)
4. The Grimm Troupe
5. Nightmare King
6. White Defender
7. Dreamers
8. Pale Court
9. Gods & Glory
10. Daughter of Hallownest
11. Godhome
12. Sisters of Battle
13. Haunted Foes
14. Furious Gods
15. Pure Vessel

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