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Second box

Hollow Knight is now available in a physical edition for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation® 4, and PC (DRM-free disc with Steam key), including a special collector’s edition available exclusively on Fangamer.

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Metal brooch with display stand, wall hook, and dual-pronged fastener
  • 14-page Quirrel comic book
  • Gift-box-style case with gold-foil filigree and a clear printed sleeve
  • Gold-foil art print set by Ari Gibson
  • Physical copy of the game on your choice of platform including all DLC: Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster.
  • Nintendo Switch™ copies of the Collector’s Edition include a bonus cleaning cloth
  • All physical copies of Hollow Knight include a manual and fold-out map of Hallownest.


As you’ve noticed, a slightly older copy of Hollow Knight was printed to the first batch of Nintendo Switch game cards due to a logistical error. While the game is fully playable and includes 3 of the 4 DLCs, a free 1.7GB update must be downloaded to access the 4th DLC pack, “Godmaster”. We’re sorry for the disappointment.

The next print run of the game will have the 4th DLC included on the card itself. We cannot yet say for sure when this batch of games will be available, though we anticipate sometime around August.

•If you bought from Fangamer and would like to return your copy, we can offer you a full refund. Alternately, if you’d like to exchange for one of the updated game cards, please let us know and we’ll send you a one-time email notification when the new cards are available for exchange.


Fangamer has now received our restock of the new production run of Hollow Knight Nintendo Switch games. This new run does not require a free downloadable patch to access the Godmaster content pack, but is otherwise the same.

Q: How do I tell the difference between a copy of Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch from the first printing and a copy from this new production run from the game box?
A: For this new run, we’ve changed one of the screenshots on the back of the box. In the first printing, there was a red screenshot on the left and a green screenshot on the right. In this new run and future runs, there will be a yellow screenshot on the right. A new, sealed copy of the physical game which has a yellow screenshot on the right should contain a game from the new production run. This applies for all copies in North America and Europe.

Q: How do I tell the difference between a copy of Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch from the first printing and a copy from this new production run if I only have the game card?
A: In North America, there is a number etched on the back of all the game cards. Cards etched with AKLHA22A000 are from the original print run. Cards etched with AKLHA22A001 are from the new print run.

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