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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the soundtrack to the long awaited final chapter of Celeste, Celeste: Farewell. Going beyond the themes and motifs of the original Celeste soundtrack, Farewell takes listeners on a final trip through Celeste Mountain.

Featuring new artwork by Nina Matsumoto, Celeste: Farewell is available on BSR exclusive pink, blue and purple striped vinyl.

Please note this is a digital mock ups. Actual vinyl colour might vary slightly. Also available on cassette tape.


01. The Empty Space Above
02. Fear of the Unknown
03. Joy of Remembrance
04. In Stasis
05. Crash
06. Beyond the Heart

01. Final Defiance
02. Futility
03. Reconciliation
04. Farewell
05. The Woman and the Bird
06. Vovô e Vovò
07. wavedash.ppt

Liste des médias :
1x Vinyle 12"

Autres versions :
Celeste : Farewell - Original Soundtrack (Lena Raine) 1360 Nintendo Switch NEUF 020-2/-1/ Musiques Cassette EUR
Nintendo Switch
EUR N Musiques

Lena Raine : Celeste : Farewell - Original Soundtrack
1x le 4/22/2020

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