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Ajouté le 7/6/2019
Edition : Exclusive BSR EU variant: clear w/ purple blob
Disc (CD/DVD/BluRay/download)
Second box

Remixes & arrangements as featured in the game Celeste by Matt, Noel, Amora, Pedro, Lena, Kevin & friends! The jacket is printed on metallic stock, so it’ll shimmer just like the aurora ✨ This exclusive EU variant DOES NOT include the flexi discs. The flexi disc is only available through the STS Store.

Featuring music by the composers of Chordslayer, FTL, Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, Healing, Read-Only Memories, Nuclear Throne, Singularity, and Opus Magnum. 

Check out the artists' other work at: 
Maxo: maxoisnuts.bandcamp.com
Ben Prunty: benprunty.bandcamp.com
Christa Lee: ohpoorpup.bandcamp.com
in love with a ghost: inlovewithaghost.bandcamp.com
2 Mello: 2mellomakes.bandcamp.com
Jukio Kallio: jukiokallio.bandcamp.com
Kuraine: radicaldreamland.bandcamp.com
Matthewせいじ: zachtronics.bandcamp.com

Celeste (Original Soundtrack) Double Vinyl available here: https://blackscreenrecords.com/products/pre-order-celeste-original-soundtrack-by-lena-raine


01. Maxo - Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix) 02:30 
02. Ben Prunty - Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix) 03:23 
03. Christa Lee - Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) 03:45 
04. in love with a ghost - Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix) 04:53
05. 2 Mello - Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix) 03:55 
06. Jukio Kallio - Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix) 02:54 
07. Kuraine - Summit (No More Running Mix) 08:36 
08. Matthewせいじ - The Core (Say Goodbye Mix) 03:46 
09. Lena Raine - (Bonus) Area 1 Demo

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