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  Goodies 2020
Ajouté le 1/25/2020

Seasoned gamers, young players and collectors will enjoy exploring the stamps, stories and images featured in this colourful celebration of classic video games.

This action-packed collectible contains all eight Special Stamps and the Tomb Raider Miniature Sheet.

The Special Stamps depict scenes from landmark UK-designed titles from the 1980s and ’90s.

The Miniature Sheet’s stamps feature Lara Croft in action across four different adventures.

Hotshot player and acclaimed journalist Julian ‘Jaz’ Rignall recalls the characters, graphics and challenges that made these games so popular.

Special Stamps

  • Elite | 1984 | BBC Micro and Acorn Electron Second Class
  • Dizzy | 1987 | ZX Spectrum £1.60
  • Populous | 1989 | Commodore Amiga £1.60
  • Lemmings | 1991 | Commodore Amiga First Class
  • Micro Machines | 1991 | Sega Mega Drive £1.55
  • Sensible Soccer | 1992 | Commodore Amiga First Class
  • Wipeout | 1995 | Sony Playstation £1.55
  • Worms | 1995 | Commodore Amiga Second Class

Miniature Sheet

  • Atlantean Scion | Tomb Raider| 1996 First Class
  • Ora Dagger | Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft | 1998 £1.55
  • Philosopher’s Stone | Tomb Raider Chronicles | 2000 £1.55
  • Ceremonial Dagger | Tomb Raider| 2013 First Class

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