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Fans who bought the Ultimate Songbird Edition of the video game received a Handyman promo figurine from the board game. This piece was created for promotional purposes and was not necessary to play Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia. However, at request of fans of the game, Plaid Hat Games is releasing a simple variant rule for those with the extra Handyman figure who want to use it.

You can download the varaint rule by clicking here. The text of the new rule is below.

Founders may have up to 4 Handymen on the board at the same time.

Whenever the founder player has 4 Handymen on the board the Vox-Populi player has the following ability: Once per round you may discard an action card from your hand to search your discard pile for a card of your choice, show it to the other player, and place it into your hand. You may not search your discard pile for the Airship card.

May your conquest of Columbia go well!

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