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Genre : Jam
Disque (CD/DVD/BluRay/Musique téléchargée)



  1. Golgi Apparatus 4:56
  2. Rift 6:07
  3. Guelah Papyrus 5:22
  4. The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony 1:43
  5. Llama 4:50
  6. Colonel Forbin's Ascent 5:31
  7. Fly Famous Mockingbird 14:22
  8. Sparkle 3:49
  9. It's Ice 7:41
  10. Glide 4:11
  11. David Bowie 12:28


  1. Poor Heart 3:15
  2. Cavern 4:14
  3. Uncle Pen 3:56
  4. Stash 10:09
  5. Big Ball Jam 4:15
  6. My Friend, My Friend 6:34
  7. Kung 1:52
  8. You Enjoy Myself 19:10
  9. The Lizards 11:05


  1. Love You 7:09
  2. Hold Your Head Up 1:04
  3. Chalk Dust Torture 6:05



  • Fly Famous Mockingbird and David Bowie contain elements of “How High The Moon”
  • Amazing Grace that ended set II (before the encore) is inaudible on the master tapes and therefore was not included.

Production Credits:

  • Recorded by Paul Languedoc
  • Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering
  • Post-Production by Kevin Shapiro


On March 8, 1993 Phish returned to the Land of Enchantment for their fifth New Mexico show and their only play at the former Sweeney Center - a convention center ballroom with a capacity of about 1200. Tapers were scarce in the region and the 1993 show was no exception. The lack of an audience recording has rendered it a mystery to fans until now.

Each archival release adds something to the catalog and highlights significant transcendent moments along the band’s 37-year journey from Vermont to the nation to the world. This show was a rare hole in the known history – a headline show from 1993 that was lost to the memories of the few who caught it live. Fortunately Paul Languedoc - FOH Engineer, Luthier, and builder/fixer of all manner of Phish gear – captured the show to create this release.

3/8/93 Santa Fe was “The Perigee Show”, taking place during a Super Perigee Moon - appearing 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. Phish integrated this rare phenomenon throughout the show, with the supermoon shaping that night’s music just as it did the perigean tides that accompany such an event. A mark on Fish’s shoulder was also woven into the music and resulted in his new moniker “The Mutant.” Set I highlights included The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Llama (the third such combination and last to-date), a standout lunar Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, It’s Ice, and David Bowie. Mockingbird and Bowie both integrated bits of Les Paul’s How High The Moon. Set II kicked off with Poor Heart and included a spirited Stash, the only pairing of a mashed-up My Friend My Friend > Kung, and You Enjoy Myself followed by The Lizards. The a cappella Amazing Grace remains lost to the moment as it was not captured on the soundboard tapes. The encore was a Fishman/Barrett perigee/mutant Love You > Hold Your Head Up, followed by Chalk Dust Torture.

3/8/93 Santa Fe was recorded by Paul Languedoc to DAT and was mastered by Fred Kevorkian.

Phish : 1993-03-08 Sweeney Center, Santa Fe, NM
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